About Us

At Atelier 49 Interior, we believe that interior design is much more than a creative pursuit. It is about recognizing and catering the needs of people for their ‘ideal living environment’ through design exploration that considers functionality and aesthetic aspects.

Whether your project be refurbishment of an existing premises or planning for a new premises, Atelier 49 Interior works closely with you and your team of architect, engineers, and builder in planning, designing, selecting finishes, fixtures and furniture from start of a project to its completion.

Our strategy is to establish clear understanding of our client needs, their aspiration and explore all possibility strategically to ensure all elements are analysed and achieved through interactive and responsive conceptual design process.

With more than 10 years experiences we offer great range of design services and we work continuously to satisfy our client needs and guarantee that the end result will reflect an elegant and desirable environment which reflect your character, life style and budget.